The Aulik Build Team works hand-in-hand with the Design Team and clients to manage the timeline, price and quality, in order to execute each project on schedule, on budget—and with the industry’s highest standards for workmanship. Our team’s extensive knowledge of construction techniques and site conditions offers our Design Team insight into pricing considerations very early in the design process, ensuring greater accuracy.


The Aulik Design Team collaborates closely with each client using state of the art tools that facilitate a thoughtful and thorough approach, whether we’re starting from the initial “napkin” sketches or moving into interactive 3D animations. We always begin by listening to the ideas, inspiration, and needs of our clients, and then offer various design options and preliminary budgets to assist them in making informed decisions early in the process. Once the design and budget are aligned, the team produces construction documents.

Owner's Rep

With more than 35 years of experience designing and building projects across the Midwest and beyond, Aulik Companies is the perfect partner to help clients realize their dreams, whatever they may be. From vetting build partners, to reviewing build estimates, managing construction schedules and more—we know the business, so you can feel confident and at ease throughout the process.

Site Selection

We know what it takes to identify and solve many of the challenges that often come with site development—and we have a wide range of successful projects on some of the most demanding sites in some of the most restrictive municipalities to prove it. Aulik Companies is also an excellent resource before a lot is purchased, ensuring a linear design and construction path.